The largest and most beautiful saga was written in the 1380s and is preserved in one copy in Iceland. The Saga Heritage Foundation has fascilitated the first Norwegian translation and is now working on the first ever international edition in English translated by Dr. Alison Finlay.

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The Munin Institute

In 2017 - as part of our international dissemination activities - we are preparing to launch an online saga course with a US based university partner. This is the culmination of decades of study of the sagas as political literature, and will give people all over the world to study and earn university credits within this exciting field. 

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Tormod Torfaeus'


Historia Rerum Norvegicarum

Royal scribe, historian and saga expert: The icelander spent 30 years writing a chronicle of the history of Norway on orders from King Frederik III of Denmark.

SHF will work to disseminate his work internationally in partnership with the Tormod Torfæus Foundation.
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In the Autumn 2017, The Saga Heritage Foundation and partners will organize an international open seminar on the Battle of Hafrsfjord in 872, it's causes and repercussions. 


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