Visiting the Icelandic parliament in 2015. 

Visiting the Icelandic parliament in 2015. 



The Saga Heritage Foundation is a non-profit foundation established to work for the preservation of the Norse cultural heritage in its broadest sense. The foundation exists to stimulate interest in this heritage through supporting and/or initiating activities directed toward the public, cultural, and academic spheres in northern Europe and elsewhere in the world. The foundation further strives to see that cultural works in the Norse and Latin traditions are preserved and made available in the future.

The foundation has raised more than $1.000.000 towards preserving and disseminating the saga in the Nordics and beyond.


After having worked with the sagas since the early 1990s, the publishing company Saga Bok established the Saga Heritage Foundation as a non-profit organization with an international reach through it's advisory board and various activities. The foundation shares offices with the publishing company in the city of Stavanger on Norway's West Coast in close proximity to the Hafrsfjord where Harold Finehair, according to the sagas, led his forces to victory and became the first sole ruler of Norway in 872.


Torgrim Titlestad, professor, dr.philos., chairman

Baard Titlestad, vice chairman and project manager

Randi Wedvich

Steinar R. Paulsen

Hilde Vale

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